Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Recap: Food Part II, Cakes

Holiday Food Post, No 2: Cakes


My grandmother once told me that she used to get bibingka, a Filipino treat, following Mass on Christmas. I thought I would rock the nostalgia this year by making her some bibingka for our family gathering. I was able to get a recipe to try from Jun's blog. For those unfamiliar, bibingka is a sweet rice cake, with some salted eggs and/or cheese on top, which makes for a great balance of salt and sweet, in my opinion. Though, I suppose you should be warned that it helps to have a palate accustomed to Asian flavors before you chomp on salted duck eggs.

I kinda overdid the purchase of sweet/glutinous rice flour though. I'm likely going to be making  mochi for the rest of the year. If only I could eat most of the recipes I have found. I will probably try to make a me-safer version of bibingka, too, since I am pretty fond of it.

My grandmother also once told me that I am no longer allowed to come to family functions without cassava cake. So I made some. But I didn't photograph it. It tends to look like this, though (me-safer on the left, traditional on the right):


And last, but certainly not least, I made a cinnamon bun/pecan roll cake, as posted during Gluten Free Easily's Home for the Holidays blogging extravaganza, by Cook It Allergy Free. I skipped the icing, as that required plain powdered sugar, and switched out the raisins for pecans instead. 

Halfway mark!

Buddy actually liked this cake, which says something about how good it is. It probably helps that I used coconut palm sugar instead of my usual sweeteners. So, this tasty cake is not quite me-safe, but it certainly is me-safer, and probably perfectly acceptable for me in moderation once I'm further along in my recovery. That hasn't stopped me from eating it, though.

I liked the look of the cake upside down
Hey. At least it's not shortbread.

Happy crumble


  1. How cool that you made Kim's Cinnamon Bun cake, seeks! It looks very, very good even without the icing. :-) Thanks for the link back!

    The cassava cake looks and sound very intriguing!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Did I mention we cook with cassava a lot in Brazil?? I got a great cheese bread recipe that use cassava flour.