Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Spoils of a Giveaway

Just wanted to beam over my recent win at a giveaway.

Eleanor Grosch, of Just Eleanor and Push Me Pull You Designs, recently had a giveaway of some of her prints, fabric, and snowboarding helmets. What can I say? The woman is not only talented, but ambitious and sought after.

I lucked out and got some of her fabric.

Isn't it fun?

The lion print is quilting cotton, and the ball print is flannel like.

I know that I already talk about my younger niece and nephew a bit much, but I am due to have another one arriving next June. Perhaps I can use this giveaway fabric stash to make the new one a quilt too?

And speaking of those little ones, I would just like to say how gratifying it is to make a present and know that it's loved: EXTREMELY.

Here's a crappy phone-camera shot of those two with my quilts. (The boppy pillow was put there for my niece by her brother as he set it up for them to lie down together.) My nephew is apparently quite taken with his, and did a celebratory dance for me the other day thanking me for it. *Sigh* Do I need to say that I'm wrapped around that cutie's finger?

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  1. Ohhh...what a sweet picture of the two of them!!! And your quilts look fabulous and it's great to know they are so loved!!